Vail, Colorado, “Like Nothing on Earth”

Welcome to the first town in my Colorado Series of photographs. Vail is an impressive little town tucked away in the valleys of Colorado. Their tagline is “Like nothing on Earth,” and this is so true. Although it is known for its wonderful winter skiing, Vail is beyond beautiful in the summer, with long hiking paths upon which locals and visitors can enjoy a number of outdoor activities. Naturally, I was excited to get artistic and take photographs!

Town of Vail is filled with small sports shops, clothing boutiques, and restaurants. We stayed at a cute, rustic hotel called the Evergreen Lodge; outside our room’s window, an adorable pine tree filled with pinecones grew tall.

Everyone in town was very laid-back and friendly. It is easy to see that the locals are proud of their town and present it to visitors in a down-to-earth yet polished manner. I especially enjoyed the town’s love for color. The German-inspired architecture features beautiful artistic paintings, carvings, and details, which compliment the natural art of the mountains above.

So many bicycles! I love when people enjoy riding as much as I do. It is such a freeing sport!

My absolute favorite detail of Vail was their amazing flowers. Enormous pots and window boxes, which burst with a rainbow of healthy blossoms, added the finishing touch of beauty to the town.

The flower wagons were a creative idea that really shows that their care for flowers is at a high scale. I spoke to one of the gardeners, who said come winter the flowers are switched out for pine trees and evergreen boughs. What a sight that would be!

We rode the gondola up to the top of Vail Mountain, where we had a delicious lunch looking over the landscape at the Eagles Nest. Summertime visitors can enjoy hiking, running, biking, and horseback riding along the trails by the ski slopes. I loved the view that stretched on for miles, and how you could see weather systems in faraway valleys coming your way long before the sky above you turned gray. I got the opportunity to take my first Colorado landscapes from the top of Vail Mountain.

That’s me! :)

Next stop on our trip is to a pretty lake my cousin took my sister and I to. Check back next week for the photographs!

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