The Morning Light

There is something very poetic about the early morning. Sunrise is something I don’t see often, since I’m more of a night owl. Still, there are a few mornings I do wake up early and go out, exploring the world around me at a different time of day. As a photographer I look at light all the time, I’m fascinated by how it changes as it moves across the sky or is covered by clouds. I love the deep golden glow of evening light and vibrant colors of sunset. Morning light is very different – it is soft and quiet.

I love the feeling this light gives. It is awakening.

One particular morning all the pieces came together and I took this series of photos – they were spontaneous and a sweet surprise. These photos truly express the magic of morning I feel when I’m up at sunrise.

Photographer Tip – The word “photo” means “light,” so light is an essential element to photography. Light does far more than illuminate your subject, it allows for different moods and effects to come into play. Always look at light when you’re taking photographs!

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