The Colorado Series

This summer, I traveled to the beautiful state of Colorado to explore the mountains and valleys of the Rockies with my family.  This Colorado trip began as a dream many years ago as distant as the state itself, when I was a child just discovering art and honing her love for the outdoors. And the experience was all I could have imagined it would be – and more.

I visited a number of ski towns and national parks, each featuring unique looks and opportunities. The breathtaking green slopes of Vail dipping into the valley contrasts the rugged rocks reaching into the gray skies of Estes. The cozy, quiet forest of Fulford made the wide open skies of Piney Lake feel incredibly immense.

Posts featuring my travels will be coming the next few weeks!

Here is a list of the published Colorado Series posts:

  1. Vail, Colorado, “Like Nothing on Earth”
  2. Piney Lake, Colorado
  3. The Fulford Cabin, Colorado
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