Thanking my Lucky Stars

Many exciting events and changes have happened at Stardust Photography recently and I finally have a moment to share them all! Although it may appear a bit quiet on the blog, I have been a busy bee with both my photography business and finishing studies at Saint Vincent College. So here is what is new with me…

1.) The Stardust Photography website has been redesigned and updated! This is definitely a refreshing change. The new website integrates Stardust Photography’s design and branding elements, which express both my professional and personal styles. It is now easy to view photo galleries of both portraits and travel and nature photography.

2.) In March, I traveled with Saint Vincent College to Italy and Greece. Of course, I took many photographs of the gorgeous historic sites and cities. From the Pantheon to the Parthenon, it was truly remarkable to be in places I have only seen in books and in documentaries. I will publish a series of blog posts discussing my travels and sharing the photographs!

IMG_7609 2

3.) On Thursday, April 3, the Foster and Muriel McCarl Coverlet Gallery and I hosted the Emerging Artists Exhibit for the second year in a row. This year’s exhibit focused on themes of fantasy and fairytales, which compliments the current exhibit of historic coverlets also on display. Students from four school districts participated and it was wonderful to see their talent and host a celebration for them at the McCarl Gallery.


I have recently been so positive about what the future will bring. Everything in my past has been coming together to help create moments of success and feelings of happiness and confidence. I see the triumphs of my friends and family and feel even more inspired to continue on the journey in front of me, even when I am given no map for my travels and the path is overgrown.

We tend to work so hard that we forget to acknowledge successes, or we feel so weighed down by failures that we begin to believe success will never come. Listing the positive aspects of life, no matter the size, can be gratifying and keep you moving forward. Wishing you the best!

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