Springtime in the Forest

One of my favorite places to visit and appreciate nature is Powdermill Nature Reserve.  I love relaxing there and enjoying the quiet, especially when I have my camera. Being a photographer really makes me slow down and really look at the forest – suddenly I see little flowers and moss-covered rocks I would have easily missed if I hadn’t been taking my time.

So for Earth Day, here are some photographs I have taken in the springtime at Powdermill!

Delicate “snowball” Dwarf Ginseng flowers and “umbrella” Mayapples.

One of my favorite flowering trees, the Redbud.A tiny, colorful maple seed on a rainy spring day.

Bright, fuzzy moss growing on a forest rock.

Fungi clinging to tree bark.

Violets appear in more colors than purple – like this little white violet.

Some forest flowers appear in very bright colors – even pink!

Buttercups blanket the ground in a pretty, sunny yellow color.

Powdermill is open for daily hikes and their wonderful eco-friendly nature center offers fun lectures and education. You can learn more at their website: http://www.carnegiemnh.org/powdermill/

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