Lucky 2013


I enjoy New Year’s for how it inspires us to focus on new beginnings. The calendar changes and we wish to see change in ourselves. I am excited for 2014 to usher in a new season of photography, graduate from Saint Vincent College, push myself to create and engage more than ever before. We wake up on January 1st motivated to make these changes occur, yet it can be easy to let these dreams fizzle away as we move away from the holidays and back into routine.

Think of every day as a new start! Have a New Day’s celebration when the sun shines through your window in the morning. Turn your mind to positive moments of your life – a cup of tea before work, hugs from friends, comfort with a book, a walk in the woods. Make time for yourself. And know that beginning again is not a moment we work towards, it is the moment you are in right now.

Here are some favorite moments from my year. Best wishes for 2014!

IMG_8212IMG_8226IMG_1949 wmKatie (8)Kayla (46)E&A (32)(26)Ankney (201)A&A (42)IMG_1858IMG_8964IMG_2542 cIMG_4044Thurston (6)Kala (9)Krystalyn (21)Allyson (57)IMG_1515Jenna (105)Molly 2 (68)Miranda (74)Josie (101) copy

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