Kathrine, Portraits of a Sister

I’ve been hiding this post for a little while, just for today! This is my beautiful sister, Kathrine, whom you may remember from the prom session I did of her dressed as a princess. Kathrine is a champion swimmer and at the top of her class at Derry Area High School. As a friend and sister she is thoughtful and can always make you laugh.

We’ve been doing small sessions of her all summer to celebrate her senior year. And, today is Kathrine’s birthday! Here’s a look into the beautiful portraits we created together.

The shorts and tanktop outfit is probably my favorite…it really captures how she looks every day. Her natural beauty truly shines, too!

This Gray’s Anatomy book was a gift for Kathrine on her first day of school this year. She is aspiring to be a doctor and can name about every bone and muscle in the body!



Happy birthday, Kathrine! I am so thankful I get to capture your life as great things begin coming your way. Even when the road looks long and winding, you will have success and happiness in your future. I love you so much!

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