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My job as a photographer is not only to create the photographs, but to find the best way for these personal works of art to be displayed. Some people choose to print their photographs through my professional company, others purchase a disc of photographs so they can print themselves, and some even do a mix of both. Whatever works best for you, works for me, too!

Stardust Photography offers discs of your favorite photographs. This option is perfect for the tech-savvy who enjoy having the ability to print their photographs themselves. Your disc adapts to our changing world where we love sharing what we love online – many times, photographs are the best things to share! Instagram, for example, is one of today’s most popular apps and has over 130 million active users. This certainly proves we love photography!

Additionally, a disc is a different kind of heirloom to share and pass on to family, as you can always have your photograph files in their great, original quality. How wonderful it would be to have negatives of my grandparents’ photographs to reprint today.

If you feel a disc is the best printing option for you, hold your session in June or July and receive $50 off a disc of your favorite photographs.

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