Coming Home: Adopting a Shelter Pet

Apollo wm

On September 18 of this year, a new little life came into my home. He has four tiny paws that can move so silently and swiftly. He has the biggest and brightest green eyes I have ever seen. This is my kitty, Apollo!

I have wanted to adopt a pet for the longest time. When my dog passed away two years ago, I worked through the heartache with photography, creating art and carrying on her name, Stardust, the name I had chosen for my business while she was still with me. The timing for a new pet finally felt right at the end of this summer.

So I headed off to the Animal Friends of Westmoreland shelter. I have volunteered at animal shelters, wishing I could take home each pet I played with, yet I had never visited one in pursuit of a pet of my own. I went into the shelter with the mindset that I was looking for a lifelong friend. Apollo’s quiet personality complimented mine perfectly – he was not the first kitten that would run up to you at the door, but instead approached carefully with a lot of curiosity.

To continue with the “celestial” pet name theme, I chose the name Apollo for this little kitty. I found out the day I adopted him that he was rescued and brought to the shelter on July 20, interestingly, the same date that in 1969, Apollo 11 landed on the Moon. I knew then that his name was destined to be Apollo!

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Adopting a shelter pet was a wonderful experience. You are not simply giving this pet a new place to live, you are framing the kind of life they will live by bringing them into your home and making them part of your family. Your pet will share his or her life with you and fill your heart with a unique love only an animal can provide. I suddenly felt so empowered by the responsibility of loving and caring for a little creature that I had only known for a few days.

Many pets are looking for homes and visiting a local shelter just may introduce you to a new family member!

This Thanksgiving, Apollo is a reminder for the blessings in my life – for a roof over my head, for warmth, for food and water, for love and comfort. Sending much love to you and your families!

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