A Century of Trees: DC Cherry Blossoms

Over the weekend, I visited Washington, DC, and saw the amazing cherry blossoms for the first time!

The cherry blossom trees were a gift from Japan to the United States, first planted a century ago this year. The beautiful blossoms continue to bring nature-lovers like me to the city and ring the Tidal Basin in a soft hue of pink. You can read more about the fascinating history of the trees and festival here: http://www.nationalcherryblossomfestival.org/about/history/

Photographer Tip: When photographing nature, pay close attention to everything you see. I tilted my camera high up to focus in on individual flowers, and knelt in the grass to capture the fallen petals. It’s all in the details – so feel free to slow down and discover what’s in front of you.

Hope you enjoyed! Check back soon for a beautiful cherry blossom engagement session!

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