A Baby Snapping Turtle

What can I say, baby animals are irresistable. Even a creature as ancient as a snapping turtle is just precious as a little one. Some children I was with actually discovered this little guy or girl in a forest stream, which is odd for snapping turtles, since they prefer the still, warm water of ponds over  the rushing, icy water of streams. Once we all oohed and ahhed over how cute this turtle was, we released him or her back to where we found him. I captured some baby portraits of the turtle before I said goodbye.

I thought more deeply about the gravity of nature as I looked at this turtle beyond its petite appearance. I knew he or she faced a wall of obstacles for survival as I walked away with my pictures. It is hard to believe he or she could grow to be a top predator in the pond!

Good luck, little snapper!

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